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Illimité coffee roasters

– EST. 2014 –

ILLIMITÉ is my alter-ego. My name is Lukáš and I am a perfectionist with attention to detail and a taste for minimalism. I believe in compassion and my hobbies are specialty coffee, tattoos and carpentry. My philosophy is that quality overrules quantity. My work fully reflects that and it is very important for me to achieve the best possible outcome.

Coffee and I?

It all happened unexpectedly. My back ground of a pharmacists typically I would spent hours in the lab applying analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy and phytotherapy. Since coffee roasting is mainly about chemical reactions I started to experiment with it. My enthusiasm had grown and I wanted to transform it into a business.


My first year was very hard. Feeling uncertain I soon realised that to build a successful business you can’t just be a coffee enthusiast. Starting with zero capital and splitting my time between 2 jobs, as an absolute beginner in this business world I found it very disappointing.


This was a very motivational year. First big orders were coming in, customers feedback was pleasing which was driving me to succeed even more! My greatest support is my wife Zojka, who has been there for me every step of the way. My parents and family have contributed greatly too. They have always been the main panel for tasting, analysing and judging my first coffee blends. As for my budget every single cent went in my company, my coffee, packaging, technology and literature. As they say: ‘Every little helps.’ All this has been shaping my company.


This has been a breakthrough year. I set my targets and direction. Physically challenging 2 years of both the business building and my job keeping took a tool on my health and I had to undertake 2 operations. This made me think and while recovering I made my decision to fully commit to my own business which was growing steadily. The less certain choice, however the right one.

Present times

I have met a lot of interesting people, finalised my design and packaging thanks to Ado from Malina Studio, and Marek from Vach.Print. I have selected the countries and coffee beans farms, which I want to cooperate with on long term bases. Ultimately, thanks to my restless mind I’m in the process of finalising my project of ILLIMITÉ Phase 2.

Thank you for your continuous support!