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- EST. 2014 -

Life is too short for bad coffee. Essentially life is too short for wasting money on bad food and unnecessary things and wasting time on futile stuff.

Coffee and I?

My philosophy has always been to do less but with good quality rather than more and only half good. Specialty coffee has been my passion since 2011 and three years on I founded my company. Coffee business has been my full time job since 2016. There were good days and bad days. A perfect example of a sinuous curve. It is inevitable when you have high expectations and you focus on quality rather than quantity (such an alien factor for me). And this is the core of my business, the epicentre of my work, the reason why I start my day with a smile on my face. Every day is a reminder of my very first moments with the coffee trade. Two sacks of coffee! That was my first investment. My savings.
I didn’t start my business with any ordinary mainstream coffee beans. I threw myself right into the world of microlots. I still remember the sweet, wine aroma of Nicaragua Finca el Bosque.
Nowadays I’m as enthusiastic as before, impatiently excited about my future products for you or when I’m eager to reveal to you what I have planned with Yancy, Eugenia, and Arnold from Guatemala who are now more like my friends than business partners.

Enjoy your lives friends. Life is too short for…. You know!
Founder and a roaster
Independent Slovak Specialty Coffee Roasters highly engaged to craft & design. Roasted and packed by hand. Sourcing and roasting pure beauty since ‘14.
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